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Dec 21, 2012 2:05am PST
to spirit mountain for dynamite. i'm going after him, tonto. you take mrs. kilgore and her daughter to the mission church. then follow me. - hurry it up. everybody's at the crossing by now. - they better be. i'll remember any man who stays away. - we won't need 'em all anyway. we got enough stuff here to blow up the whole territory. - who's gonna lead this crazy mule? that's what i want to know. anything happens, whoever's close to him don't stand a chance. and it ain't gonna be me. - get back to the ranch and pack your gear. you're fired. - you can't fire me, kilgore. i'm working for what's in there. and you try and fire me from that. [gunshots] - i'll lead him. [gunshot] - the next shot's for that box of dynamite. now throw down your guns. - who are you? - i said drop 'em! [cocks gun] - powder, through the tunnel. get up there behind him. i'm reece kilgore. the indians have taken my daughter. - your daughter is safe, kilgore. - she's in red hawk's village, and i'm using this dynamite to get her out of there. - red hawk let her go. she's at the mission church. [heroic music] ♪ -
Dec 26, 2012 2:05am EST
is your mother wants you to call her friends mrs. i say you've hit a home run this christmas, just go with it, call them mrs. and get over it. >> i'm from baltimore south. we call people whatever we called them when we were young. dr. and mrs. or mr. and mrs. auntie. a lot of people were auntie. we generally don't call people by their first name -- >> it was weird when one of my college friends started calling my mom by her first name and i remember it totally took me back. i remember oh, no, you're not calling her sami. call her mrs. kotb. i thought it was weird. >> the problem is that now little kids, like my daughter calls her teacher by her first name. so because the dynamics have changed -- >> if your parent has got a strong preference give it to her. just give it to her. >> you're a nice man. >> you are. >> jury's out on harriet, but you are a nice man. >> the next question is from rebecca. "i can't stand my brother-in-law. my sister is always telling me about their fights and what a jerk he is. now i don't even want to see him at a family gathering. should i just ignore him? te
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am PST
mrs. denton the widow they made her without a penny. how do you know they made mrs. denton a widow, and how do you know they're phonies? i don't know for sure yet, but i'm gonna find out. now wait a minute roy, don't do anything hasty. remember this time the law ain't on your side, and if i find you on the bedford property, i'll have to put you under arrest. maginificent cooking! maginificent, and now my boy because you were kind enough to invite me to partake of this scrumcious feast, i'm gonna do you a favor. my friend, here is a piece of paper that will make you a very rich man, a millionaire. what is it? it's a map, a map that will unfold the treasures of gal conda of eldardo. you follow the instructions and the directions on this map and you will find gold golare. you don't say. that's right. and because you're my friend. well if it ain't pat brady by golly i ain't seen you in a turtle's age. hi ya pete. well as i was saying. oh colonel not now later. well what do you got to say for yourself, patrick? oh not much. just the same. well i'll i see ya later. how about having a nic
Dec 23, 2012 6:00am PST
♪ ♪ ♪ i guess we scared her. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ well, hello! well. what do you call this bea? her name's lassie. well, lassie, how do you do? i'm called mr. nicholson. - hi, i'm timmy. timmy martin. well hello, timmy. i see you're feeding the birds at the christmas season. it's a very nice thing you're doing, my boy. they go hungry because they can't find any food because of the snow. yes, i know. ♪ hey! ♪ i guess she isn't afraid anymore. ♪ oh, holly. did you think i'd forgotten you? huh? ♪ i'd never forget you, old friend. ha ha. mister nicholson, are you a mender of toys? that's what i am, son. there aren't many of us left. boy, we could really use you fo - oh? well you see, my mom and some of the other ladies at church, they're gathering up old toys and fixing them for the kids at the children's hospital in capital city. there's a whole bunch of stuff in our barn. there's a lot of fixing to be done. i'd be very glad to assist your ladies, timmy. i'll
Dec 27, 2012 7:00am PST
store. how about you timmy? lassie always likes to go in the pet store, that's the other way. mr. peters always gives her a biscuit, even if she doesn't buy anything. well, that sounds like a good deal, for lassie. well, now you be careful crossing the street. lassie always looks out for cars. good. well, we'll meet here in an hour so keep track of the time. we'll be here. come on, lassie. ♪ we'll go in the pet shop first. then we'll go to macdonald's, he's got lots of stuff in his store. even for five cents. wait a minute. come on, lassie. mom is gonna have a birthday soon and we've got to look for stuff for her. ♪ twelve ninety-five. eight fifty? wow. a pair of white gloves would be nice, but she's already got some. i know mom would like that clock, lassie. but all i've got in my bank is two dollars and three cents. we'll think of something. maybe we could rake leaves on saturday for mr. ferguson. or maybe we could watch the cows for farmer brayson. boy wanted! that's us! hello, young man. what can i do for you? i came to ask about the job. oh, i see. i'm afraid you're a little you
Dec 29, 2012 7:00am EST
allies. >> reporter: in private, there was tension. reagan urged her to negotiate, but she wanted victory. mrs. thatcher said "she was sure that the president would act in the same way if alaska had been threatened." to get what she wanted, the iron lady used her softer side. "dear ron," she writes, "i think you are the only person who will understand the significance of what i'm trying to say." >> very personal. >> absolutely. >> reporter: mrs. that th thatcher's charm offense worked and they remained friends long after they left power. nbc news, london. >>> an elementary school crush blossoms into true love. we'll tell you about a roman more than 20 years in the making. cue the music. first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> still to come, a record number of holiday gifts are expected to be returned this year. where some of those end up might surprise you. >>> plus, we'll look back at 75 years of "weekend today." >> good morning everyone. time is :25. here's a look at some of our top stories. road crews have already started gearing up for another visit by mother nature. crews spent much of fr
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am EST
for the president because he is generally very active but he is in good spirits. meanwhile, mrs. bush, who is 87, has been making two trips a day here to visit her husband. willie, at this point there is no timeline set for the former president's release. back to you. >> janet shamlian, thanks i know we add our name to the long list of people wishing the president well. >>> after what's been a disappointing holiday season, mara ca sharaschiavocampo has tt story. >> reporter: last minute sales. early numbers show the lowest growth in years, many still found a way to buy for everyone on their list. one of the most popular ways to shop, online. >> online was the big surprise. early indications showed they're in 16%, 17% growth rates and that's big news for them. >> big ticket items brought in big bucks. flat screen tvs, laptops and tablets all did well early on. the gift that stepped out above the rest didn't even make the top ten last year, shoes. >> the big surprise this holiday season was the footwear business. running shoes did really well. classic sneakers did really well. >> reporter: with th
Dec 17, 2012 7:00am EST
, be the first child foor her and her husband, prince william. >>> mr. roker is here with a look at the weather. >> two big storms on both coasts. we start here in the northeast and the east coast. really, severe weather through the southeast today. winter storms going on right now in new england. we're talking about one to six inches of snow in parts of maine, one to three inches of rain down through the southeast. out west, we've got another big storm to talk about. this one is going to be causing blizzard warnings, winter storm weather advisories, winter weather advisories from the pacific northwest all the way into colorado. snowfall amounts anywhere from one to two feet of snow in the cascades, about one to two inches of rain along the california coast. we'll have your local forecast but first this >>> good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. we have had patchy dense fog. more sprinkles in northern maryland and northern west virginia headed into the metro area over the next several hours. between now and then, clouds, patchy dense fog. in the 40s for much of re
Dec 22, 2012 5:00am PST
her all this time but to break her heart at last? father... i've made up my mind. when mr. tackleton returns, i shall tell him that i accept his proposal. crocket's voice: see, i was determined that bertha would never get a chance to say yes. so i called together some of me mates. well, right on the dot, he arrives. bertha: do come and sit beside me, mr. tackleton. i've made tea. i shall. oh, i shall, my pretty little lady. one lump or 2? 2. oh, yes, 2, my pretty. 2, he says. coming up, matey. oh! ooh! ooh, is anything wrong? no. and now, my dear, we come to the reason for my presence here. ha ha ha. "ha ha ha." that's what you think, chum. pepper. and have you made up your pretty little mind? ha ha ha. well, to tell the truth, kind sir-- yes? ha ha ha. [ah-choo!] oh! oh, what was that? never mind. now-- [ah-choo!] well, what on earth? excuse me, my pretty-- [ah-choo!] [ah-choo! ah-choo!] it was that cricket made a fool of me. uriah, get rid of him once and for all. [squawk] and this time, no slip-ups. get professional help so you won't bungle the job. i want that cricket eliminated.
Dec 26, 2012 9:00am EST
the taliban on an apache helicopter. taping her christmas message in 3d. >> i wish you all a very happy christmas. >> reporter: describing all the outpouring in 2012 as humbling. >> good evening, mr. bond. >> good evening, your majesty. >> reporter: action-packed year to be royal, indeed. >> that was nbc's michelle kosinski. i don't know about you, erica. but i, too, spent christmas with commoners. >> so nice of you to give back to the people a little bit. >> my uncle herb. >> i'm sure he appreciates that, too. they do gag gifts apparently, so i wanted to give you this. it's not really a gag. you were interested in the tweezers. >> why do i need the light on it? >> for when you're tweezing your brow, doing preshow -- >> go ahead. i didn't know what that means. >> if you need to finish up afterwards, just -- >> taking care of business over there that needs to be attended to? >> how about that? you can actually see what you're plucking. >> technology at work. >> use them in good health. >> thanks. >>> fun facts you may not have known about your holiday cocktail. little info before you go
Dec 10, 2012 7:00am EST
. i have a lot of shopping to do. >> i know. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and mr. roker. and coming up, we'll meet a woman who is forced to put her survival skills to the test, stranded for nearly a week in a very rugged area, snow-covered terrain up near the nevada/california border. for her, it had a happy ending. tragic in other ways. we'll find out more about that. >> we all know about black friday, cyber monday. something thursday for thanksgiving. did you know it's green monday today? >> it is? >> yes, indeedy, the biggest shopping day for the month of december. you can get some good deals. we'll tell you about green monday and why it's such a big day and where to find some of the best deals, too. >>> one of the most popular musicals of all times and now a highly anticipated film, "les miserables" coming to a movie theater near you. the star-studded cast including hugh jackman and anne hathaway joining us live in studio. >> sasha baron cohen. 16 million people have seen that show on stage. >> no pressure. >> and they love it. >> they sang live to film on this. >> e
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)